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   A boats gelcoat is the surface skin of the fiberglass covering. Representing the layer of pigmented resin, it is a kind of protection for fiberglass from rough water, humidity and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The other advantage of the gelcoat is the giving your boat its color. Thanks to this material the boat gets a glossy finish.
   In spite of its durability and firmness, sometimes the gelcoat may be exposed to damages. Severe marine conditions and sometimes the ultraviolet rays of the sun may lead to some damages, such as oxidation of the gelcoat. The oxidation gives the boat a pale and dingy look. The level of oxidation may be different; therefore one should apply various methods of gelcoat maintenance. However in most cases, this problem is solved very easily.
   The ultraviolet rays can be considered the bitterest enemy of the gelcoat. But at the same time one should protect the boat’s gelcoat against water and abrasion as well. For example, a scratched gelcoat lets the water imbue the fiberglass. Thus the owner of a boat may be faced with serious damages in some time.
    In order to prevent such damages, one should protect a boat from the very beginning. The best idea is to use a gelcoat maintenance plan. As it has been mentioned above first the gelcoat protects the fiberglass which is situated beneath it and secondly it gives the exterior of your boat a shiny look. Thus if you protect, maintain and clean the gelcoat regularly, you will preserve it for many years. It is also worth mentioning, that if you bought a used boat whose gelcoat is oxidized or damaged, you should know that very often the maintenance and repairing of the gelcoat does not present great difficulties.

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