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    If you want your boat look perfectly, first of all you should know how to wax it correctly. You will keep your boat from different damages as well. If you wax the boat by yourself, in this case you will save your money that is usually paid to a professional waxer. For boat waxing you will need the following things: terry towels, wax rubbing compound and a bottle. The given procedure runs as follows:
1.   Determine the date of the last boat waxing. It is advisable to wax a boat once a week. If you do not manage to do this for some reasons, try to do the waxing once a month. Undoubtedly, the water can have a negative effect on the surface of your boat. However your boat will look perfectly, if you apply fresh coat of wax on it.
2.   Purchase a wax that will make your boat look its best. You can purchase boat waxes at a great number of retail boating stores.
3.   Prepare three terry towels and divide them into rags. You should make three or four rags from each towel.
4.   Attenuate the rubbing compound nearly 15 percent. Place the mixture into a bottle (empty mustard or ketchup bottles) to squeeze it easily out.
5.   Moisten the terry towel. Thereafter ring it out. The terry towel should be humid but not soaking wet.
6.   Apply the rubbing mixture to a couple feet on the exterior of the boat. Rub the rubbing compound with the help of terry towels by making circular motions. Spread the rubbing mixture on the boat’s surface evenly. The mixture should be not too thick.
7.   The final step consists in waxing the boat in 2-foot squares. Start at one end slowly moving down to the other end. Next wax the other side of the boat. When the wax dries out you can use your boat.

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