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   You may be faced with many problems with your boat being on the lake. Like cars, a boat has to be repaired as necessary especially if you use it very often. The most widely-spread boat engine problems are the following:
·   Overheating: from time to time boat engine may overheat. In rivers, lakes or oceans many objects can be found, that usually get stuck into the water intake. Therefore make certain to check this area first of all. If you find some extraneous objects, remove them and allow the boat engine to cool off. Thereafter start up the engine. Sometimes the overheating of the engine may lead to the blowing of the water pump impeller. You can use the drain plug which is found in the engine’s water jacket. With the help of a funnel, pour out fresh water. This decision does not presuppose the complete solving of the problem. However it will help you to reach the shoreline slowly. Constantly check the temperature on your temperature gauge. If it gets hot, stop the engine to cool it down.
·   Oil Gasket: if you can not start up the engine, you should check the oil gasket. If you notice that the oil gasket is leaking, you should replace it with another one. However it should be noted that not all the owners of boats have spare gaskets. The only thing to do is to make a temporary one. A marine chart is often used by solving this problem. Cut out the gasket from the marine chart. Then add layers to it. Make certain that you do not cut out the necessary information in your flurry.
·   Spark Plug Wire: in rainy weather spark plug wires can short-circuit. If it happens, the engine may misfire. That is why it is necessary to have duct tape in your toolset that will help you to close up the wires. Thus the moisture will be kept outside. Cover every crack to prevent short circuit. This method will be helpful until you replace the spark plug wires.
   The main rule is to have spare components that will be very helpful by repairing your engine. Make certain that you have the necessary tools in your toolset and the necessary information in the form of a booklet.

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