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   Fiberglass is a hard material. It is mainly used in bathtubs or boats. In spite of the durability and firmness of this material, sometimes splits and holes can appear on it. The best idea concerning the repair of the fiber glass consists in repairing the hole or crack from inside out. Thus you will not affect the appearance of your boat, as the seamless maintenance of the fiberglass will math the original. For the maintenance of the fiberglass you will need: resin roller, gelcoat, polyester resin, fiberglass mat, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, tape, grinder, dewaxing solvent, razor, fiberglass fabric.
   If the damaged piece is not visible, you can find it in the following way: you can slightly hit on the fiberglass using a tool: the damaged fiberglass will have a dull sound. By tapping a normal fiberglass you will receive a tight sound.
   To have a seamless maintenance on the surface of the fiberglass, you should begin the repairs from within.
   Remove the damaged place and taper the hole by using a grinder.
   Apply a de-waxing solvent to the surface border of the hole. In so doing you will make a firm bond when you add the new fiberglass.
   Cover the place around the hole in paste wax.
   The next step consists in screwing the waxed backer to the bottom of the repaired hole.
   The repair begins with the coating the waxed backer in a durable material such as a gelcoat. Do not forget about matching up the colors.
   Thereafter you will need fabric and mat. Make certain if the sizes of these materials correspond to the sizes of the hole. Put the given materials in two layers, first the mat and then the fabric. Next alternate layers of mat and fabric. Determine the amount of mat and fabric taking into consideration the thickness of the fiberglass.
   Patch up the hole by using epoxy or polyester resin. The layers of fabric and mat will be secured. If you use polyester resin do not forget about a laminating resin. This material will strengthen the bond.
   You should use methyl ethyl ketone peroxide as a catalyst in order to harden polyester resins. Find out about the necessary amount of this peroxide in the instructions. You can remove air bubble or bumps with the help of a resin roller.
   The last step of fiber glass repair consists in removing the wax backer. If you find some imperfections on the surface fill them in with gelcoat. Sand and polish the fiberglass.

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