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    Epoxy is mainly used first as epoxy glue, secondly as impregnating material together with glass tissue for manufacturing and maintenance of various hulls such as boats, components of car bodies and others or implementation of waterproofing of impremises, and finally as the most available method to make an item from glass-fibre plastic at home. Thus epoxy resin has gained wide popularity thanks to its versatility. The consistence of epoxy resin allows you to get a mixture with the necessary characteristics. In order to make the necessary proportion you should purchase calibrated pumps. Fillers are usually used to thicken the epoxy. If you want to receive some supplementary strength in this case it is desirable to give preference to fiberglass cloth and other strengthening materials.
   Jamestown Distributors offer a wide range of epoxy resin brands, epoxy glues, various fillers and compounds, polyester resin, epoxy kits as well as glass-fibre accessories. It should be noted that epoxy glue is only one form of application of epoxy resin both in construction and maintenance.
   By using Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer you can get rid of any leaks throughout your boats and homes as this effective tool is able to seek out, fill and seal leaks perfectly. Gluvit Epoxy Water Sealer is a watertight and paintable sealer which works on wood, fiberglass and metal. Gluvit penetrates into cracks by sealing and strengthening them. It fills easily smaller chips and pinholes as well. It is used for maintaining boats, surfboards, snow boards and others.
   As for Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, its composition includes solid and flexible resin system in a solvent blend which is mainly used for renewal of deteriorated or rotted wood. The Epoxy Resin system penetrates into the wood fibers by strengthening the wood itself. Thus the cellulose of the wood is changed into epoxy impregnated one. In the issue this kind of cellulose becomes resistant to fungi by strengthens the wood.

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