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   A boats gelcoat is the top ply of the fiberglass hull. It is the ply of pitch that serves as protection for the hull. The gelcoat is applied to moulds in the fluid state. Thus the fiberglass is protected from the water, moisture or the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thanks to the effects of the gelcoat, the boat receives its color. It also gives the boat a glossy finish.
   The composition of the gelcoat is made up of either on epoxy or unsaturated polyester resin chemistry.
   Both sea-going ships and aircraft are produced by using composite materials. The top ply is usually a gelcoat. Its thickness makes up about 0.5mm - 0.8mm. Gel coats are intended to be solid and durable, being resistant to hydrolysis and ultraviolet rays.
    However it is worth mentioning that severe marine conditions can cause damage on the gelcoat. The negative influence on the gelcoat is particularly caused by the sun ultraviolet rays as well. In this case you may be faced with the oxidation of the gelcoat, which becomes apparent in the dull appearance of the boat. Taking into consideration the level of oxidation, various methods are used to renew the boat. Nevertheless very often the oxidation of the boat is easily eliminated.
   Beside the influence of the sun, it is advisable to protect the gelcoat from wiping and water. A worn gelcoat lets the water penetrate into the fiberglass, causing tangible damage in some time.
   To prevent such outcome of events, you should clean and protect your boat from the very beginning. The best plan consists in using an ordinary gelcoat maintenance plan. In so doing you will protect your boat for many years to come. In case if you bought a used boat which has an oxidized gelcoat, you should know that usually this problem is solved easily.

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