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Boat equipment:

Balcotan — adhesive polyurethane for wood. This kind of boat equipment is safe and easy to use glue. It is widely applied in various domains. This boat equipment is an essential part of glue usually used by woodworkers in the Great Britain. It gained wide popularity by the boat constructors, who recognized, that watertight gluing with Balcotan is simple. To glue with this adhesive is extremly easy: press off the necessary quantity of adhesive on the working surfaces and press!

boat equipment balcotan

Temperature tolerant
It is frothing adhesive consisting of one component
It is both flexible and strict
It spreads out reacting with wet air
It bonds all kinds of wood as well as polystyrene and polyurethane materials
Balcotan RAPID Balcotan Rapid cures tin 30 to 60 minutes with 10-15 minutes open joint time. Rapid has the same bond strength as regular.
Balcotan REGULAR Balcotan Regular cures in 3 to 6 hours with up to 75 minutes of open joint time Use regular to assemble complicated or large pieces of work
Balcotan Fibre Gel Balcotan Fibre gel is non-drip enabling the Balcotan to be applied to ceiling surfaces and giving increased gap filling properties. Balcotan Fibre gel should be applied with a sealant gun.


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