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boat repair tips

When it comes to choose between purchasing new boat or restoration of old boat, most likely you will be guided by your own preferences. However, you have a lot of other problems, except frequent purchasing of new boats, and here are some reasons to consider before you are going to buy a boat:

1) Buying boat is an expensive pleasure. Since the average consumer price for a boat has exceeded one thousand dollars it became hard to justify its cost. Boats do not live long enough to cover there cost.
2) Production of boats fouls the nature and outlays a lot of energy. If you are ecologically conscious consumer you will not justify frequent buying of new boats.
3) Boat plastic cannot be recycled. So the more boats you have the bigger landfill you will create.

The high-power hand drill with a small borer
Duct tape roll
A spoon
A hair dryer
A small piece of abrasive paper
A wet cloth

Stages for repairing your kayak boat:
1. Restricting the crack and preparing your boat to patch
2. Warming the boat surface and welding
3. Set the seam and finalize working


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