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At first it is necessary to restrict the crack. It is important to discover crack as soon as possible. As soon as the crack will appear, it will begin to increase very quickly. If you continue to sail in a cracked boat, the boat can sink sweepingly.
In order to prevent crack growing, take the hand drill with a small borer and carefully drill out holes on the crack ends. The holes should exactly coincide with the crack ends, otherwise the crack will detour these holes, and it is necessary to begin work at first.
If all is made correctly the crack will cease to increase. On the image shown below, is visible, how it should look. Pay attention that holes precisely coincide with the crack ends.

Surface preparation for patch is a standard procedure for those who have a boat. Take an abrasive paper or Dragonskin and rough up the area round a crack on the inside part of the boat. When the area surface becomes rough, wipe its wet cloth. The area for a patch should be very clean.
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