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Take the hair dryer and warm carefully the area for patch on your boat. The surface should become hot and even sizzling. If the boat crack increases and the smoke appear - you heated the boat too long.

The duct tape becomes very rigid when fused. (The duct tape has been originally created to repair air conditioning pipes. These pipes extend and constrict of the temperature change, therefore the tape ideally suited for boat repair when it is correctly applied). The best result in boat repair is received by combining heat and pressure.
It is necessary to put patch piece on crack, prolonging it on pair inches for both ends. Push down the patch strongly to the boat in order to prevent air getting in.

Warm the patch tape for your boat until small ripple appears. It means that glue is separating and flowing down to rough area of your boat.
It is necessary to reheat each ply of the tape while small ripples appear on its surface.
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