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Warm up the boat patch material in places where the ripple appears, then take a spoon, locate your big finger inside, and press very strongly on tape. This action will place your patch on the cracked area on your boat and create safety, watertight, flexible section. Use four plies to get good result in your boat repairing. Your boat patch must be smoothed and indistinguishable on touch. If you pull the spoon you risk to create ruptures on your boat patch. Be cautious, and you’ll avoid this.

You can weld more patches over the first one, placing each level one after another. Don’t forget to heat and press each layer, and approximately after 10 minutes of such activity you will enjoy a weld seam which can outlive your boat. Probably, it sounds incredible to repair a boat in such way. You can try and make certain that this method really works and boat patches created are watertight, flexible and very durable. If you work correctly you will receive your boat ready to sail approximately after 30 minutes of work.
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