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Boat equipment:

Balcotan - adhesive polyurethane for wood. This kind of boat equipment is safe and easy to use glue. It is widely applied in various domains. This boat equipment is an essential part of glue usually used by woodworkers in the Great Britain. It gained wide popularity by the boat constructors, who recognized, that watertight gluing with Balcotan is simple. To glue with this adhesive is extremly easy: press off the necessary quantity of adhesive on the working surfaces and press! Find out about more boat equipment descriptions and other repair materials.

boat repair equipment

In order to ensure safe boating you have to mention some easy to remember and use tips: Look around you constantly. Try to be as well informed as possible on where other boats can sail. When your boat is moving at high speed try to avoid other boats. Keep distance between your boat and other vessels and do not try jumping their wake. If there are other boats nearby, make sure that there the separating distance is sufficient to ensure safety in case other boaters decide to change direction suddenly. Verify your boat and equipment before taking a long trip with your boat. In order to ensure a safety and pleasant traveling you can examine our list of useful tips.


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